Friday, August 13, 2010

The Bruce Family

I love the Bruce Family!  J is serving in the United States Army Chaplain Corp and is in class right now with my husband.  They have been such a blessing to me and my family this summer, and we are so glad to count them as friends.  The Bruce Kids, Miss M, Miss S, and Mr. D, have even decided that they would like to adopt my little guy...they call him Bruce #4 haha! 

We had an awesome family photo session a couple of weeks ago at the University of South Carolina's Horseshoe.  It was gorgeous there and I am so glad that the family was willing to bear with me through the Carolina heat!  I hope you enjoy the images of this beautiful family and will join me in praying for them as they prepare to serve the Lord in New York.


  1. These are so awesome!! I love them all. Great posing. The one of the 3 kids sitting in the grass and the fist one of the little boy in green are my favorite posing. oh and the of the girl in the flower dress. Beautiful! Great job!

    Your blog looks great too. So official!!

  2. I love the new blog and all the adorable prints! Keep in touch, Katie Lee

  3. love the pics...and the fam...and the photog...! and what exactly is j doing to k in the one of the two of them? or do i want to know? =)

  4. lol...he was actually getting ready to lick her face :-) mmaybe that is tmi!