Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Heart Faces: Bright & Vivid

It's that time again!  Bright and Vivid is the theme over at I Heart Faces...

I am due any day now with my second boy, so I wanted to go out and get some shots of my little man, J, yesterday....his last shoot as an only child.  He is a little firecracker and I love him to bits.  Hard to believe that he is going to turn 3 soon...where does the time go?  Hope you enjoy my entry and make sure to go check out all of the other entries here!

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

People's Choice: March...I Heart Faces

It's been awhile, but I am joining in at I Heart Faces this week...and lucky you, you get to vote
(I am # 128)!

This photo is very personal.  My husband is a Chaplain in the Army and is leaving for Afghanistan in a few days...not the ideal situation right now, but a sacrifice that I know all to well and understand needs to be made.  We've done a 15 month tour prior to this, though I don't think it will compare since we now have a little one and another on the way.  I think as an adult, deployment is a bit easier to rationalize...but try explaining it to a two and half year old and you have another story.

It broke my heart this week.  J woke up in the morning after his Daddy had already left for work (he usually wakes up before he leaves for the office).  He ran into our bedroom after he got out of bed and burst into tears.  After consoling him a bit, I asked him what the matter was.  He asked, "Mommy, did Daddy have to leave?"  He was sure that Bryan was on a plane and gone already.  

We have been telling him that Daddy is going on a long trip soon and that his job is to tell soldiers about Jesus and to help them when they need a friend.  I knew he was listening, but didn't realize that the scope of what he understood was so much bigger than our simple explanation.  I assured J that Daddy would be home in just a little while and he asked if he could call him.  When Bryan answered, J promptly told him, "I miss you, Daddy!  Are you coming home?"  

I spent most of the day in tears...J's buddy is leaving.  I am pretty sure that he does not enjoy playing baseball with me as much as he does Daddy...and I am also pretty sure that my wrestling capabilities have been hindered due to a small human taking over the inside of my body...Still, I cling to the promise that the Lord never gives us anything that we can't handle without Him.  I know I can't take Daddy's place, but I pray that I am able to be exactly what Josiah needs while he is away.  

This photo and post are for all of our military families serving across the world.  Your quiet and selfless sacrifices do not go unnoticed.  And I love you for what you do.

Much Love, Jessica

Monday, January 31, 2011

People's Choice...Best Face January

It's People's Choice over at I Heart Faces this week...Best Face for January 2011.
I think that I get to stare at the best face in the world every day...but moms tend to be pretty biased, so thankfully you all get to decide!  I finally took my camera out to get some shots of J this past week, and to my surprise, he actually cooperated for a few.  He is such a ham, and I love him to pieces!
If you would like to vote, I am #18...
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Monday, January 10, 2011

I Heart Faces...Smiles!

It is birthday week over at I Heart Faces, so for this week's theme, they have chosen SMILES!  This is from a session that I did over summer.  I chose this because I didn't even ask D to pose or smile.  He did this all on his own.  Plus, I love red heads!

It was nice to go back and look at all of the sweet families that I was blessed to meet at Ft. Jackson...and it was also a nice reminder that I need to get out there with my camera and start shooting again.  It has been TOO long!  I am pretty sure my little guy heard me type that and is running in the other direction...

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Monday, January 3, 2011

I Heart Faces...Best Faces 2010

This week we get to pick the winners over at I Heart Faces for the Best Face Photo of 2010.  Of course I am biased and think I get to stare at the cutest face in the world, all day, every day.  So here is a photo of my favorite little cowboy, who makes my heart melt in a million pieces everyday.  I love you J!!!  If you want to vote, I am number #524.


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